23 April 2024
Navigating Changes in Axis Bank Debit and Credit Card Benefits

Navigating Changes in Axis Bank Debit and Credit Card Benefits

In the dynamic landscape of banking services, it’s not uncommon for financial institutions to make adjustments to their offerings. Recently, Axis Bank announced significant modifications to the benefits associated with its debit and credit cards, slated to come into effect from May 1, 2024. These changes will impact users of select cards like Burgundy, Delight, Priority debit cards, and the Magnus credit card. Let’s delve deeper into these alterations and understand how they might affect cardholders.

What You Need to Know

As technology advances and consumer preferences evolve, financial institutions must adapt to meet the changing needs of their clientele. Axis Bank, a prominent name in the Indian banking sector, has recently announced significant revisions to its Burgundy, Priority, and Delight debit cards, slated to take effect from May 1, 2024. These updates aim to enhance customer experience by offering improved features and benefits tailored to modern-day requirements.

One of the key areas receiving attention in this revamp is airport lounge access. For holders of Axis Bank’s Burgundy, Priority, and Delight debit cards, complimentary lounge access will now be contingent upon meeting a minimum spend threshold of Rs 5,000 over the preceding three months. This requirement ensures that customers who actively use their cards for transactions are rewarded with exclusive perks like lounge access—a feature highly valued by frequent travelers.

Changes in Burgundy Debit Card Benefits

For holders of the Burgundy debit card, a few key alterations are on the horizon. To qualify for complimentary access to airport lounges going forward, users will need to meet specific criteria by conducting transactions worth at least Rs 5,000 via their card in the three months preceding May.

Moreover, a notable change involves imposing a 1 percent mark-up fee on dynamic currency conversion for international transactions made using the Burgundy card (both offline and online). While this may be seen as a drawback by some users who frequently engage in foreign transactions, there is also good news in terms of BookMyShow benefits where users can enjoy complimentary tickets valued at different denominations each month.

Adjustments for Priority Cardholders

Priority cardholders will largely retain their existing benefits but with slight adjustments. The BookMyShow offer has been revamped with new discounts on tickets as well as food and beverages purchases when availing services through Axis Bank’s partner platforms.

Overhaul of Delight Card Features:

However, The Delight card is set for significant changes – notably discontinuing international transaction capabilities along with doing away with BookMyShow perks altogether. This transition may prompt current Delight cardholders to reconsider their usage patterns or explore alternative options within Axis Bank’s suite of offerings.

Revamped Magnus Credit Card Benefits

From April 20 onwards, Axis Bank’s Magnus credit card members should brace themselves for an overhaul in reward earnings structure alongside other major benefit revisions. Complimentary concierge services and airport meet-and-assist amenities are among those being phased out.

Another notable change pertains to Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) markup fees on international transactions. Going forward, an additional 1% markup fee will be applied along with GST for DCC transactions conducted internationally or with foreign-registered merchants in India. While this may represent a slight increase in costs for such transactions, it aligns with industry standards and helps streamline currency conversion processes for cardholders.


The revision also extends to rewards programs offered by Axis Bank’s debit cards. The EDGE REWARDS program will undergo adjustments related to earning points on specific types of transactions. For instance, rent payments and utility services will no longer accrue EDGE REWARD points across all three card variants Burgundy, Priority, and Delight with a monthly cap set at 2000 points henceforth.

As we navigate an increasingly digital landscape where seamless banking experiences are expected standard. Initiatives like these set showcase how banks can remain competitive innovative while maintaining focus omni-channel excellence. With user centricity at heart these modifications poised significantly enriching overall banking journey users. Whether traveling abroad or enjoying local entertainment events; holding an account Axis bank Debit Card holder now enjoy revamped suite privileges designed make every transaction a rewarding experience.

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